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Capistrano tips and tricks

cap deploy:upload - quickly replace a few files only

If you only need to update one or two files (usually when you have to do a minimal change) you can also use deploy:upload

// example
cap production deploy:upload FILES=app/models/user.rb,app/models/collective.rb

// restart application (sometimes not even required (images, css, js)
cap production deploy:restart

Don't abuse this since it's very easy to end up with an inconsistent codebase if you forget a file!

cap shell - a parallel ssh shell for all production servers

SSH on speed.:

[$ cap production shell

cap> on, touch /tmp/hello_world

cap> on, !deploy:restart
 ** [out ::] stopping port 8100
 ** [out ::] stopping port 8100
 ** [out ::] stopping port 8101

# with role:
cap> with app chown -R xyz /var/lib/xxxx/current/tmp

upload files

If there is only 1 file and you know what you're doing, you can use capistrano to upload a file from your local checkout on dev01. Don't forget to get the latest version of the code with 'git pull'

git pull
cap production deploy:upload FILES=app/controllers/donations_controller.rb