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git svn

Gitify svn repo:

git svn init

svn log | head

git svn fetch -r 598


To keep update your working copy just perform:

git-svn rebase

You can commit your changes to the svn server using the command:

git-svn dcommit

Sometimes it isn’t reasonable since your changes are not yet ready to be committed (you haven’t finished/tested/improved your work). But don’t worry, git has a native solution also for this problem, just follow these steps:

  1. put aside your changes using the command: git-stash
  2. update your working copy using: git-svn rebase as usual
  3. take back your changes typing: git-stash apply
  4. clear “the stash” typing: git-stash clear

Some worklow:
 1 git checkout -b francois
 2 # work and commit locally on branch francois
 3 git checkout master
 4 git svn rebase
 5 git checkout francois
 6 git rebase master
 7 # run the tests!
 8 git checkout master
 9 git merge francois # I might use --squash if the new feature warrants it
10 git svn dcommit # push to Subversion