Extract from 5GB log file the logs

# Get the first line of the logs for a given date grep -n 'at 2009-11-25' production.web01.log | head -n 1 && tellme # TODO : check optimization with 'time' command: Stop reading a file after NUM matching lines. # Get the last line / TODO How to start grepping from a specific line? grep -n 'at 2009-11-25' production.web01.log | tail -n 1 && tellme # Extract the log file lines for the given date. File is a about 45 Mb sed -n '64332368,65003422p' production.web01.log > 2009_11_25_web01.log && tellme sed -n '56465993,57141087p' production.web02.log > 2009_11_25_web02.log && tellme

It takes ages!

Suggestion to make it faster