For many years, I've had some Repetitive Strain Injury at my right ulnaris nerve after 6-7 hours of work. Even with super fancy pretty and over priced mac keyboards!!! The reason is bad design inherited from the first mechanical keyboard, see

Human Beings can be very very resistant to change sometimes ...

In order to solve the problem, I just got a typematrix 2300 keyboard with an US layout. French keyboard layout sucks according to the rest of the world and I fully agree!

First programmers did not have to use a bloody french keyboard so using an US layout gives you a quicker access to:

. < > / [ ] {}

The mac recognizes automatically the keyboard. you just need to press the lower of the two keys on the right side of the left shift (this should be "z" for QWERTY or ";" for DVORAK labeled keyboards)

Customize Caps lock keys:


The Shuffle key is another feature that has proved surprisingly useful. Tapping it once will switch from your current to your previous application.

Removing DoubleCommand

To remove DoubleCommand from your machine, open the Terminal and paste in the following:/Library/StartupItems/DoubleCommand/uninstall.command

Install KeyRemap4MacBook and change these keys

For ruby coders, swap _ & - to save time when typing underscores with ukelele

Download My keyboard layout: and icon file, copy it to Library/Keyboard Layouts

Add it to your input sources: