Upgrading to the latest gem

∴ rvm update

set default:

If you would like to make a Ruby be the default ruby that is selected when you open a new terminal shell simply use the --default flag:

∴ rvm 1.8.6 --default ∴ $ ruby -v ruby 1.8.6 (2010-02-05 patchlevel 399) [i686-darwin10.2.0]

rvm auto completion


grep 2.0

rak rocks!

Unfortunately, rak does not search for filenames

rak -a calen

needs to be followed by

find . -name *calen* -print

ssh key without hassle

It works just like the plain old ’ssh’ command, but this time you’ll never have to enter your password again:


Your key will be generated (if necessary), copied to your server, and you’ll be logged in as normal.


gem sources --add gem install ssh-forever


[matt@bowie ssh-forever (master)]$ ssh-forever You do not appear to have a public key. I expected to find one at /Users/matt/.ssh/ Would you like me to generate one? [Y/n]y Copying your public key to the remote server. Prepare to enter your password for the last time.'s password: Success. From now on you can just use plain old 'ssh'. Logging you in...