screen for session management


Using Screen

Screen is started from the command line just like any other command:

[admin@gigan admin]$ screen

Screen uses the command “Ctrl-A” as a signal to send commands to screen instead of the shell. To get help, just use “Ctrl-A” then “?”.

To open a new window, you just use “Ctrl-A” “c”

Leaving Screen

You kill the window with “Ctrl-A” “K” or “exit” will work on some systems.

The second way to leave screen is to detach from a windows. If you have really long processes, you need to close your SSH program, you can detach from the window using “Ctrl-A” “d”. This will drop you into your

Attaching to Sessions

So you are using screen now and compiling that program. It is taking forever and suddenly your connection drops. Don’t worry screen will keep the compilation going. Login to your system and use the screen listing tool to see what sessions are running:

[root@gigan root]# screen -ls There are screens on: 31619.ttyp2.gigan (Detached) 4731.ttyp2.gigan (Detached) 2 Sockets in /tmp/screens/S-root.

Here you see I have two different screen sessions. To re-attach to a session, use the re-attach command:

[root@gigan root]#screen -r 31619.ttyp2.gigan