acceptance testing


capybara is the next generation testing library for web apps acceptance testing.

It took me 3 days to migrate 128 scenarios (806 steps) from webrat to capybara. Here are the problems I have encountered and how I solved them:

have_tag matcher

API: Rack::Test unofficial support for http vebs

ssl_requirement plugin

capybara does not play well with ssl_requirement (Rails plugin written by DHH)

webrat had no problem with it so I suspect it is a capybara bug

SslRequirement.module_eval do

def ensure_proper_protocol




case sensitive texts

symbol for ids in fill_in

session_id changes when subdomain changes


Before do

WirecardGateway.stub_xml_response_with 'wirecard_cc_success_response.xml'

host! "wwww.betterplace.local"


Testing presence of images

Then /^I should see the image "([^\"]*)"$/ do |file_name|

page.should have_xpath("//*/img[contains(@src, '#{file_name}')]")


def should_have_exclamation_mark(selector, colour, scale)

with_scope(selector) do

src = exclamation_mark_src(colour, scale)

page.should have_xpath(".//img[contains(@src, '#{src}')]")




Use tag#id with have_tag matcher

Then /^I should not see the payment option "([^\"]*)"$/ do |payment_option|

response.should_not have_tag("input##{payment_option}")


Using Firebug with WebDriver in Capybara/Cucumber

Posted by Mike Gehard on Tuesday September 21, 2010 at 07:58AM

Ever wanted to be able to debug an HTML page using the power of Firebug while running Cucumber/Capybara features/steps?

Follow these simple steps and you can get it to work:

1) Create a new "WebDriver" Firefox profile using the instructions found here

2) Fire up Firefox using the newly created profile and install/configure Firebug the way you want it. See instructions above.

3) Run your Cucumber/Capybara steps and pause the feature using a sleep() statement long enough for you to poke around in the page with Firebug.

**Note this has been proven to work on OS X, your mileage on other OS's may be limited.